Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Frustrating Question Which Means Well....

Being off work at the moment the most asked question I get is "how are you?"  The instant answer you give is "I'm ok thanks" which of course is a complete fib. But who wants to hear the truth?
"My stomach feels like its been ripped out and stuffed back in!"
Which strangely enough is whats happened.

Everyone says enjoy the time off, chill, think of all the things you can be doing. Don't get me wrong it is fab not having to rush in a morning to get in for a busy day at work. But I still am unable to lift, unable to drive and unable to walk round for hours on end. Add to that the fact I will get only statutory sick pay for December and it immediately limits anything you can do financially.
My experience is unique to me, due to issues I had previously it's not been the straight forward recovery that others have had from the same surgery.

But I don't want you to think I am moaning. Everything has a plus side (yes my glass is ALWAYS half full) I will have finally got rid of the bloating tummy (I hope), painful and constant periods. 
Finally I won't have to worry about having white bedding or sitting on someone elses sofa.

Hubby and Ashleigh have been amazing. Cooking, cleaning and telling me off when I attempt to do the things I am not allowed. I forget at times that I am unable to do such simple things.  My mom has also been fabulous doing all my ironing, that is the one job I am not looking forward to taking back.

However I can't wait to get back to the job I love, my team who are stars and being able to do things myself.

In the mean time I shall enjoy being pampered and enjoy as many Christmas films as possible.

Love and lipstick
X x

Monday, 5 December 2016

Croquembouche Patisserie Kit - Aldi Review

Have you noticed just how much party food is in the supermarkets at the mo?
Masses, thats how much!
And when we saw this Croquembouche Patisserie Kit from Aldi £4.99, Andy and I just knew we had to try it.

Well you need to know that you like it before you serve it right?

Now the one tip I would give is to pop all the profiteroles in place before using the caramel to adhere to the stand.
I didn't do the hence I ended up with only three on top.
(school boy error really!)

Andy loves profiteroles and was constantly wanting to steal them, cheeky mare.

I have to admit it looked fabulous when it was completed and the best thing was that it tasted great too.

Even after feeding five of us we still had loads left over so I am confident that one will be fine for the eight of us on Christmas day. After all we do have no less than four puddings every Christmas. In our defence we do eat as a family for the almost the next week on left overs from Christmas day.

For only £4.99 it is an amazing pudding, not only looking amazing but tasting great too.

So if you happen to be out and about in Aldi, and profiteroles are your thing, grab one whilst you can.

Love and lipstick
X x

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday Smiles...

Happy Sunday peeps!

Its a very chilled one here in Sperring towers.
Andy has had to work, Ash is in Liverpool celebrating her birthday leaving me home alone.
Well not quite alone as I have these two beauties to keep me company.

Later will be catching up with the inlays and hearing all about Gambia, from where they have just returned supporting a local charity Wonder Years Centre Of Excellence. They are real stars as they go twice a year and take lots of items across for the children.

And of course we shall be enjoying a home cooked Sunday roast too.
Nothin beats it!

Love and lipstick 
X x

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly...

Lets round up the past week.

The Good

I couldn't have coped without my wonderful family over not only this week but the past few weeks.
And Hubby is my rock. Loves ya Mr Sperring.

The Bad
Wanting To Do everything

Don't get me wrong I'm not having a moan but I really can't wait to be able to pick up a shopping bag and not worry about it. And whilst I love my home, being in 24/7 is driving me a little stir crazy.
Yes I have been out in the fresh air for the a walk everyday, but I can't wait to be able to jump in the car and go anywhere at any time.

The Ugly
Scar Belly, Not Scar Face

I now have what can only be described as an upside down T on my belly from my two previous operations. And whilst it is very vain of me I know, it looks quite horrid. But thankful time will fade it and it could of course be so much worse.

Hope you've had a fab week.
Love and lipstick
X x

Friday, 2 December 2016

Dear Santa......

I have been a really good (ahem) girl this year.
Well  tried to be at least, does that count?

And if you have lots of pennies to spare and would like to treat me, then any of the following would be gratefully received.

Katie Loxton Rose Gold Perfect pouch - £15.99

The Happiness Planner - £40
Ted Baker Statment Bow Shoes - £130
Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms - £29

Oh and if you feel I have been super dooper good and fancy spending lots and lots....
Then I am happy to have one box under the tree containing these babies!
Christian Louboutin - £495

Love and lipstick
X x

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Pinch Punch First Of The Month

Well Hello December!

source unknown

Yes its the very last month of the year and I for one intend to enjoy it even if I am not feeling 100%.

I turn into a crazy Christmas person.
The fact that I am unable to lift things is driving me mental as I can't get the tree down from the loft.  Thank the Lord I got a few bits and pieces down when I had my last meeting for work.  At least I can decorate a few areas if nothing else.

The wintery bedding is on the bed and even the bedroom has a mini tree in much to the annoyance of hubby. 

And of course being the first of the month means I have been able to open the first gift on my Marks and Spencers advent calendar.

It got used straight away by both Ashleigh and I.
What a great gift for this cold weather.

Love and lipstick
x x

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My Baby Is 21 Years Old!!

OMG Ashleigh is 21!

Where has the time gone...
It doesn't seem five minutes since she was running round in her telly tubby wellies and singing Barneys silly hat song. And here she is a beautiful young woman turning 21.

We celebrated with a lovely meal at Marco Piere Whites restaurant, which is obviously set up for Christmas. But Ash was very happy to rock a Christmas hat on her birthday.

We even had entertainment in the restaurant with a live band and an interesting altercation between a manager and a waiter who was obviously being sacked. Very entertaining indeed!

No birthday is complete without cake and Ashleighs only request was that is was chocolate and home made.  I have to admit it turned out rather well. Even if I had to cheat a little.

She was showered with gifts including a beautiful vintage Tiffany necklace picked out by her dad.  He has very good taste, after all he married me. lol 

So many memories of this lady growing up over the last 21 years which make burst with pride.
So looking forward to making many more.

Love you Ashleigh Mae
X x