Saturday, 18 October 2014

Simple Saturday....

Another week has flow past in the bunk of an eye.
Scary, it really is, how quick it passes you by.
Never quite enough hours in the day to be able to achieve all you want too.

As for the weekend?
Well it a bit of "Second verse, same as the first!" if you get my drift.

The house has been tidied, washing done, carpets hoovered and cleaned (get me!)
Leaving only the dreaded ironing to do.
(I hate ironing)

I've even managed to half empty the caravan, as it goes it to have some work done on Tuesday.
Still quite a bit to clear tomorrow though.

And I still need to finish a bit of bunting and lines ready for the Christmas area of my Etsy shop.
Like I said, loads to do.

But its all done with a smile on my face.

Happy weekend all.

X x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Dr Foster Went To Gloucester...

Actually I did, not Dr Foster.
And yes it was in the pouring rain.
A horrid drive in this weather and took forever to get home.

So tonight I am chilling in jimjams with a hot chocolate followed by an early night.
I so know how to live it up!

X x

Monday, 13 October 2014

Another Week Of Crazy....

The only thing keeping me going today is the fact that the walking dead restarts this evening.

If it hadn't have been for this small thing I would have pulled up the duvet and point blankly refused to surface until the day was over.

Honest I would!

Lets hope I'm not disappointed.

X x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday = Family Time..

Call me old fashioned but the one thing I love about Sundays is the fact we all sit together to enjoy a great home cooked meal and catch up on the week.

Not that we don't all eat together the rest of the week, as we do. But Sundays are always rather special.

Today was our turn to cook which means that is incredible busy in our tiny kitchen. 
Two people in it and you can't move!
But we've fine tuned our operation over the years and it works seamlessly, well most of the time.

After tea we all cram on the sofas to watch Strictly and Xfactor.
We solo no how to have a good time!

Oh well small pleasures eh.

X x

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Has It Really Been This Long....

Gosh life has been incredibly busy, really it has.

Somethings have been a pleasure over the past week or so and somethings have been a chore.

But either way you battle through and come out the other side still smiling.
After all, no one likes a miserable git do they?
Plus you always look so much nicer when you smile.

My weekend is very much needed, to recharge the batteries and catch up with the routine things that have been neglected.

Hubby, I am sure would probably put himself in the neglected category, bless him.

Hope your all well and have managed to stay dry this past week.
It really has been horrid weather and the brolly has been needed everyday.
Lets hope next week brings sunny days and bright out looks too.

X x

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Questions, Questions, Questions....

Yes today has been full of questions.
You know those "tell me about a time when...." questions?
Well thats exactly the type I have had all day.

A day full of interviews and each one very different but all great experience if nothing else.

As for this evening,

Well it calls for a big glass of wine.

X x

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Weekend Fun Whilst It Lasted....

We have had a great time away in Barmouth of all places.

It was stunning as was the weather.

But now its been back to reality.

Oh well roll on the next holiday!

Thankfully we only have to wait until the end of October,

Then its off to Blackpool to see the Christmas lights!

X x